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Car Repaint Melbourne

Stunning paint-finish is an exclusive feature of all modern cars. Most car owners give utmost importance to exterior visual appeal; hence, they wish to retain factory paint finish while body repairing or restoration. At Beta Panels, the leading automobile body repair service and car repaint in North Melbourne, our car repaint services in Melbourne guarantee OEM colour finish with modern spray painting techniques.

At Beta Panels, our car repaint services in Melbourne uses the latest technology and tools in spray paint to ensure the car repaint looks like the original. Spray painting is a painting technique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface. In our car repaint or car respray services in Melbourne, we employ compressed gas—usually air—to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns evolved from airbrushes, and the two are usually distinguished by their size and the size of the spray pattern they produce. Airbrushes are hand-held and used instead of a brush for detailed work such as photo retouching, painting nails or fine art. Air gun car repaint in Melbourne uses generally larger equipment.

Car Respray Painting Melbourne

We guarantee absolute paint finish after body repairing or restoration at Beta Panels with our outstanding car respray painting services in Melbourne. Our well-trained crew is highly experienced in colour selection and paint mixing to match 100% with the original shade of your vehicle. You can rely on our cutting edge car respray painting services in Melbourne, as we do not compromise on the quality of paint and other materials used in the process. Beta Panels is always committed to customer satisfaction and lifetime-guaranteed results.

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Being pioneers in the automobile body repairing industry, we offer panel beating, car respray painting Melbourne, car repaint, car restoration, paintless dent removal, accident repairs, smash repairs, towing, car detailing and truck repairs in North Melbourne. Towing and home delivery is another value-for-money service available from Beta Panels.

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