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Free hire cars

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to drive around when you need. If you have been in a car accident or your vehicle is damaged in an accident, then you need a car repair specialist. Not only this but while your car is in the garage, you need a replacement car too.

Are you looking for free hire cars in Melbourne? Beta Panels is your one-stop destination to get complete free hire cars solutions. For over 35 years, our experts have been trusted with thousands of emergency car repairs and maintenance services.

You need to check whether your existing insurance policy has a car hire policy as well. Our team will make arrangements to help you get a free hire car.

We ensure to provide you with a compatible replacement vehicle while your car is being repaired free of cost. If you have been in a road accident which was not your fault, then according to your insurance policy, all the costs of hiring a new car are billed directly to the insurance company of the fault’s party.

When it comes to the added safety and security of your vehicle, you can rely on our professional mechanics. Hire our professional mechanics to carry out all the necessary repairs.

At Beta Panels, we serve our customers in the best possible way. Our team consists of technicians and mechanics who have many years of experience in providing emergency repairing and maintenance services for damaged vehicles. We guarantee to provide you with a free rental car if you were involved in a not-at-fault accident.

Connect with us to find out how we can get assist you further.

Ready to get back on road? With our specialised free hire cars services, you will receive your replacement vehicle quickly at your doorstep. All you need to do is share the details related to your accident along with your licensed and registration details of both the parties involved in the accident.

How it works?

Once you submit the documents and details of the accident, you will receive a rental car free-of-charge. If you are not responsible for the accident, you do not have to pay any additional charges or rent. All dues will be paid by the fault party.

Call us on (03) 9329 5913;. You can also share your enquiry via mail at [email protected].

We are here to help you keep moving on the road with our free of charge car rental services. In case you have any doubts or queries related to the car hire process, feel free to talk to our representatives.

We offer the following benefits:

1. Over 35 years of experience in working in the free hire cars and insurance industry
2. Less hassle and streamlined process for car services and restoration services
3. Variety of commercial-grade vehicles
4. Team of industry leaders to guide you throughout the process

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We have what it takes to service your vehicle no matter the type of damage your vehicle has sustained. We create a personalised experience for our customers so that they can continue to focus on their work and personal life while we handle everything for them.