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Car Detailing in Melbourne

Many times your car has been polished & cleaned from different places and with different car detailers. There might be instances that you were not satisfied with their job. Have you ever worried that you never got car polishing and car detailing service, worth the money you spend? Thanks to Beta Panels, now a quality car polishing and detailing service is available at your doorstep in North Melbourne.

Who Are We?

Beta Panels is a trusted and reputed automobile body repair service in North Melbourne. With around 35 years of industry experience, today, Beta Panels remains the best automobile body repair and restoration service in North Melbourne and suburbs. Our wide range of services include panel beating, spray painting, car restoration, paintless dent removal, accident repairs, smash repairs, towing, car detailing and truck repairs in North Melbourne.

Why Car Detailing?

Many car owners believe that car detailing and polishing is an unwanted expense. But, more than the aesthetic results, car detailing and polishing helps in expanding the lifespan of your car. First of all, detailing helps to clean all accumulated dust from interior and exterior. It prevents the body parts from rusting. Polishing helps to bring back the original glitter of the factory paint finish. At Beta Panels, we provide the best detailing and polishing solutions at highly affordable cost.

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Where To Find Us?

Beta Panels is exclusively serving in North Melbourne and suburbs. Though our service facility is located at Fogarty St. in North Melbourne, we offer quick and reliable towing service to help you with roadside assistance. Furthermore, we also provide home delivery of the repaired vehicle to give you a hassle-free experience.

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