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40 years of experience

For over 40 years, our experienced service crew has served hundreds of customers by offering impeccable services for car and truck repairs, painting, detailing and restoration services in Melbourne. Choose our services and let us serve you next.

Beta Panels is an industry leader in repairing and maintenance services of branded and heavy-duty vehicles. Our staff is highly trained in identifying the problem associated with your vehicle and repairing them on the spot. We have been providing a range of comprehensive car repair and restoration services to truck owners and fleet truck operators.

With a team of skilled and professional technicians, we work towards restoring your old vehicle by assessing the damage and enhancing its performance. From your car’s interiors to exteriors, we assure you to take the right preventive measures to repair it as soon as possible using advanced tools and techniques.

Our Crew

Our team members attend training sessions and on-site workshops to keep abreast of the latest technologies and polish their skills. We pride ourselves on providing complete repair and maintenance support services to our customers.

For 100% customer satisfaction, we only hire well-experienced mechanics who have the right technical knowledge and work on each repair project attentively. Whether you want to get a car part repaired or want to get rid of the scratches, we have all the resources and equipment to make it happen.

We are a North Melbourne based company established with the aim to accelerate the process of professional car repairs and car restorations. Connect with us online to discuss your needs.

With great attention to detailing, we combine our expertise and 40 years of experience to design quality restoration services for your vehicle. Our mechanics and car repairmen have the access to some of the best equipment and technology. At Beta Panels, we do everything to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound.

Why Hire Us?

1. 40+ years of experience
2. Fully insured
3. 24/7 customer support services
4. Use of state-of-the-art technology
5. Free no-obligation quote
6. Easy appointment booking online
7. Flexible services and payment methods
8. Faster turnarounds
9. Tailored services

Our Process:

Once you book a consultation session with our team, we will discuss your requirements and objectives. For instance, do you want to customise your vehicle? Or focus on improving its safety levels? By assessing your needs, we will create a plan to cater to your needs without compromising on the quality of repairs and restoration.

We follow a streamlined process to get the work done in less time. We focus on quality assurance to test the functioning of vehicles during every stage.

We have worked with several customers and provide them with reliable and high-quality services. Our dedicated specialists are here to help you fix your vehicle and increase its resale value.

Choose us as your service provider and get on-time assistance anywhere and anytime. Our team create a seamless work operation and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Give us a call on (03) 9329 5913 today.